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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

When it comes to radon testing there is no one better to turn to than North Shore Radon Testing. I am a NRPP certified radon analyzer.  I am also a licensed home inspector in Massachusetts who is passionate about my work.  I never gave radon a thought until I started down this career path and soon found myself a new homeowner with a baby and....high radon in my home.  Through research and professional education I came to realize how significant of an effect radon could have on my own health and the health of others living in my home.  

My goal is to offer stand alone, affordable testing services (or in conjunction with an inspection) to homeowners or prospective buyers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  If radon testing result are 4 pci/l or greater I want my client to have the knowledge they need to understand the risks and possible options for remediation.

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